Entry #1 – Where Your Books Live


Entry #1 – Where your books live:  Whether it’s on shelves or in your kindle, share where you keep your prized reading materials. 


In junior high, my dad built me an awesome desk, complete with bookshelves that filled the entire wall. While the shelves started as a place to display my ever-growing collection of picture frames and candles (like this mushroom candle—remember these beauties?!), they soon became full of books.  Eventually the books far outnumbered the kitschy pieces.

I was lucky enough to have family members who knew the best gift to get me was a Barnes & Noble gift card, and parents who would always stop at a B&N to let my sister and me peruse the shelves and purchase books.  We didn’t live anywhere near a B&N, but I spent more money there than any other store!  The bookshelves at my parent’s house still hold my collection of Caroline B. Cooney novels (35 books worth), Boxcar Children books, the Harry Potter series, two complete sets of Twilight, several Madeleine L’Engle novels, and many more classics.  My mom is itching for me to take these books to my own home, but space in an apartment is limited.  I know I’ve got at least one more move ahead of me too, and boxes full of books are heavy!  I keep myself from buying too many books by frequenting my local library—this way I won’t have 50 pounds of books to pack up and move!

These days, my books live on a shelving unit and bookcase in our living room.  There are also books in the closet, books in my nightstand, and books in my Kindle Fire.  Someday I’d love to have a home library complete with comfy seating, good lighting, and gorgeous shelves to display my books.  A girl can dream, right?

“Books are not made for furniture,

but there is nothing else that so

beautifully furnishes a house.”

― Henry Ward Beecher



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