Entry #2 – Bookmark:


Entry #2 – Bookmark:  How do you mark your place during those unfortunate times when you have to set your reading material down? A receipt slipped between pages, one of the bookmarks from the racks at the front of the bookstore or something else?

Over the years I’ve been given various store-bought bookmarks—bookmarks made of metal, bookmarks with lovely quotes, magnetic bookmarks, bookmarks with cute beads and ribbons—but they all seem to disappear!  Just a year or two ago, I purchased a package of bookmarks proclaiming “Yes, I’m Actually Reading This” from a shop called Francesca’s.  While these worked for a few months, they soon became relegated to the junk drawer that is my nightstand.

More often than not, you’ll find my books marked with a tag from some item of clothing that I’ve bought.  For most of the summer I used a bright pink Betsy Johnson tag from a tote bag I bought!  Tags work great as bookmarks because they’re made out of cardboard (which = durability) and they have cute designs.

Other notable bookmark mentions include the printout with the book’s due date from the library, magazine subscription cards, Post-It notes, and bobby pins.

For your enjoyment, I’ve included a PDF of bookmarks I’ve designed for you to print and use.  All you have to do is click on the link titled “blogbookmarks.”  Try printing them on cardstock for added stability.




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