Laptop Woes


Well readers, I hit a bit of a roadblock when my faithful laptop died last week.  After five years of service, it finally gave up on me.  I had been expecting it (the fan was so loud—like it was gasping for breath), but the moment when I pushed the power button and nothing happened was still a shock.  And of course, I hadn’t backed up my files in quite some time (despite my sister’s recent reminder).  Luckily, my husband and an IT guy were able to hook up the hard drive to another laptop in order to do one last back up.  That meant a lot of important files and pictures were saved.  On the other hand, I lost the blurb scrapbook I’d been working on for months.  I decided not to cry about this because at least I still have all of the pictures and I’ll be able to start over.

Once I recovered from the shock and accepted that my laptop would not be magically returning to life, I had to work on figuring out what kind of laptop to purchase to replace my old hp G60.  I was drawn to the 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combos, but wasn’t sure if the extra cost was worth it.  After online research, reading lots of reviews, and playing with different models at Best Buy, I finally settled on a Sony VAIO flip 14.  I’ve had the computer for less than 24 hours, but so far, I love it!  I’ve had to learn a lot of new tricks about using the touch screen and Windows 8, but it’s kind of exciting.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, and I’ll get back to the book posts as soon as I learn a bit more about my computer.  For now, I leave you with some sage advice: Learn from my mistake – Back up your computer before it’s too late!


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