Books Inspiring…Shoes?

books_&_shoesThe only thing I like more than books is shoes (and ice cream!). So when I heard about a collection of shoes based on books, I was excited to check them out.

Starting in July, the shoe company New Balance will be launching a collection of sneakers based on American authors and their stories. As the article on notes, the shoes won’t have actual quotes or images from the novels. Instead, they will use earth tones and leather fabrics to give a “library-like look.” The shoes will sell for about $300.

When looking at images of the actual sneakers from the collection, I was sorely disappointed. There is nothing about the shoes that lend themselves to authors or books—and certainly not something as specific as classic American authors. Even a quote would have gone a long way to make the inspiration more obvious. If I were going to spend $300 on a pair of sneakers that were inspired by an author or book (which I would never, ever do! Seriously, who can justify spending that kind of money on a single pair of shoes?), I would want people to know what author or book the shoe was inspired by.

That’s why I’ve designed a few pairs of my own that I think New Balance should take a look at! I think these sneakers make it much more obvious that they were inspired by great American novels.


What do you think of New Balance’s attempt at literary inspiration? Would you spend $300 on a pair of these sneakers?


5 thoughts on “Books Inspiring…Shoes?

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