Baby’s Book of the Week: Corduroy


This week, Baby has been interested in a book that is almost fifty years old! Lately, we’ve been reading Don Freeman’s classic picture book, Corduroy, as part of our bedtime routine. Baby even sounds like she’s trying to say “Corduroy” when she hands me the book!

cord_cover_lastpageIn this story, Corduroy is a small bear who lives in a large department store. He waits day after day for a busy shopper to take him home. When he gets passed by because one of the buttons on his green overalls is missing, Corduroy ventures off to find his button. He goes on an adventure. At night, the department store feels like a palace. Corduroy doesn’t find his button that night, but he does find a home at the end of the story.

This book is timeless and sweet. Even though Baby keeps handing me the book to read, I think I might enjoy it more than she does! I get a little choked up when I read the last page. The pictures are colorful, and it’s fun to imagine exploring a large store at night. This is clearly a book that has appealed to generations of readers, and I think it will continue to amuse readers for generations to come.

This Week’s Honorable Mention:

  • Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire putmeinthezoo

“I will go into the zoo. I want to see it. Yes, I do,” starts Lopshire’s Put Me in the Zoo. This easy reader with simple rhyming phrases is another classic children’s book we’ve been reading a lot lately. The story starts with a funny polka-dotted creature who decides that living in the zoo would be a pretty cushy life. When he gets tossed out by the zookeepers, he asks a boy and a girl, “Why would they put me out this way?” They ask him, “What good are you? What can you do?” He then proceeds to show them all of his neat tricks, from turning his spots different colors, to throwing his spots up in the air. At the end of the book, he finds out that the zoo is not the place for him; instead, the circus is the place where he really belongs.


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