I Voted – Where’s the Confetti?

wevotedI took my daughter with me to vote this afternoon. #1,779 in our ward. We were in and out of the polling place in about three minutes. It went by so fast, that I was honestly a little disappointed! Not that I wanted to spend hours in line with a two-year-old, necessarily, but it just seems like it should be a bigger deal. We’ve been talking about this election for so long. Also, we may be making history with the first female president. I wanted someone to shoot off confetti after I voted, or something!

I honestly said to the poll worker after I turned my ballot in, “That’s it? I’m all done?”

We grabbed our “I voted” stickers and exited the building. I attempted a selfie, but my photo didn’t turn out great. Too bad no one else was around to snap a better picture.

After that, we headed to the library. My daughter was in dire need of a choo, choo movie (aka Thomas & Friends). Filling in the bubble on my ballot for Hillary Clinton had been strangely emotional for me – not enough to bring tears, but I felt a little choked up. Holding my daughter in the voting booth with me, it felt important, and I felt incredibly proud and lucky. Now we’re at home, watching and waiting along with the rest of the nation to find out who will be the next president of the United States.


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