Before Moving On…

beforemovingonMy blog is supposed to focus on reading, writing, authors, and books, but I’ve got 21 more days this month to post about all that.

Today, I’m still reeling from the results of yesterday’s election. It certainly wasn’t what I expected or what I wanted to happen.

Today, I’ve been listening to Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s press conferences, and following people’s reactions on Facebook and WordPress. I know Trump is going to be our president. There is no do-over, but I’m not ready to embrace him just yet. How do you “come together” with someone who fed on fear and hatred, when you voted for the candidate who was working to build “an America that is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted”? The best I can hope is that he’ll prove me wrong.

Today, I’ve been loving up on my daughter to lessen the hurt. We pulled out lots of art supplies and made a big, gluey mess. We played with Play-doh for what felt like forever! We built a train track and even figured out how to attach Peppa Pig to the train with some poster putty. We played kitchen and cooked up noodles. But no matter how busy we were, there’s still an ache in my chest. Today, it hurts. 


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