Want to Save Money on Books? Use the OverDrive App

For the last two years, I have done most of my reading on my Kindle Fire. You can read about how much I love my Kindle Fire here. While I love print books, it has just been handier and safer to use an e-reader with a baby/toddler around. I find that the Amazon books are fairly priced, plus, if you watch for deals and use your Christmas gift cards correctly, you can watch your spending. Even so, if I had purchased every one of the 50+ books I read last year, I would have probably spent between $500 – $600. So when I found out that I could get digital books for free from my library with the use of the OverDrive App, I was excited to try it out.

overdriveappIf this sounds interesting to you, check with your library to see if they are part of the OverDrive system, and then download the app. The app is available for many different devices: phones, tablets, e-readers, and computers. You can find it here. You need your library card number and password to sign in once the app is on your device. Then you can start browsing for books.

Just like the library, you sometimes have to wait your turn for a book. Even so, you can place holds and create a wish list to remember what books you’re interested in next. I usually have 8 – 10 books on hold at any given time. Sometimes it’s just a few days to wait, and sometimes it takes months. I read some of the biggest books of the year with the help of this app: The Light Between Oceans, The Girl on the Train, The Girls, The Dinner, The Nest, Red Queen, and Winter. Along with e-books, you can also rent audio books and videos. You choose either 7, 14, or 21 days for your rentals and then the content disappears from your device when the time is up.

OverDrive is easy to use and a great app for book lovers. I highly recommend it.

What bookish apps would you recommend?


2 thoughts on “Want to Save Money on Books? Use the OverDrive App

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