Wrapping Up November, Again

Thanks for following along with my blog this month. I hope you found something that you connected with: nostalgia for Zenon, a look back at the places you traveled in books this year, or a review that has you adding a book to your TBR pile.

I read 6 books this month, which surprised me because we were busy. I read two middle grade chapter books, a political nonfiction book, two young adult books (one mystery, one fantasy), and one graphic novel. I also read a bunch of children’s books, a graphic novel, and two chapter books to my five year old – but those go on her Goodreads account instead of mine.

  1. Zenon Kar, Spaceball Star by Marilyn Sadler
  2. The Trouble with Fun by Marilyn Sadler
  3. The Shortest Way Home by Pete Buttigieg
  4. Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus
  5. Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan
  6. By Night, Vol. 1 by John Allison

In addition to posting, I also enjoyed reading other blogger’s posts. I think it’s so cool to see how people tackle NaBloPoMo and how all of our blogs are unique. I picked up a few book recommendations, and I even learned a thing or two. For instance, after posting about voting in the first round of the Goodreads yearly choice awards, I found several other bloggers posting about the lack of diversity (both in the authors and the characters) in the books that were nominated. It was something I hadn’t noticed, and I appreciated the insight and information that other bloggers brought forth.

There is room for improvement for next year. I missed several days of posting this month and never found time to catch up on those missing days. I also had a google doc full of saved bookish tidbits and hardly even touched on any of them. If I could figure out how to post before midnight, that would be a win, too! That being said, NaBloPoMo still brings me joy because I get to talk about books (my favorite thing!) and be creative.

I hope you had a lovely November. Let’s not be strangers. Happy reading this holiday season.

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