Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am a former junior high and high school English/Language Arts teacher who is now an instructor at a local tutoring center near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My husband and I welcomed our beautiful, busy, and smart baby girl into the world in 2014. She is now three years old, and I’m happy to report that she loves books and visiting the library!

I am excited to share my love of reading, writing, books, and authors with the blogosphere. Here on Love 2 Read 365, you’ll find reviews, thoughts on bookish articles, dream casts for books turned into movies, book related artwork, Baby’s favorite books, and more.

• If you want to see what books I’ve been reading lately, check out my Reading Log page.

• Visit my Dream Casts page to find out who I would cast in film versions of some of my favorite books. I’d love to know what you think of my choices.

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Is Memoirs of a Geisha as good as the movie?
    And I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. It’s one of the few shows I look forward to. Just love it.

    • I’m so glad to hear you’re a SYTYCD fan. I love watching award shows and musical performances and spotting SYTYCD alumni amongst the dancers. And while the Memoirs movie is stunningly beautiful, the book is even better. You get inside the main character’s head more. I absolutely recommend it. Thanks for stopping by!

      • I haven’t found very many fans of the show, so it’s nice to ‘run into’ someone. I don’t really watch award shows, but yeah, I definitely love catching them in performances and seeing them succeed past the competition.

        I will have to check that book out at some point then (when I have the $). That really is an absolutely beautiful movie.

  2. As an English teacher, I love reading about books and such. It’s great to stumble upon other bloggers who are equally passionate about reading. You have a new follower!

  3. I LOVE your blog! I’m also an English teacher (wanting to go back to school for library science). And I also love SYTYCD! Looking forward to reading future posts! Good luck with NaBloPoMo! 🙂

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