I’ll Give You the Sun: A Dream Cast

imageJandy Nelson’s Young Adult novel I’ll Give You the Sun is just the sort of book that would be great as a movie. It offers both a male and female teenage lead, a cute British love interest, an eccentric mother, a grumpy tortured artist, a ghost grandma, plus a whole lot of teen angst and drama. Read this post to hear me gush about the novel some more. Hollywood is already buzzing about this movie. As of yet, a Gossip Girl writer and two producers from If I Stay are signed on to the project.

In summary, the novel focuses on twins Noah and Jude as they navigate their early teenage years dealing with sexuality, sex, love, their futures, and their parents’ possible divorce. Jude is beautiful and popular. She’s daring and can surf as well as any of the boys. She fights with her mother about how she dresses and parties, yet strives for her mother’s love and attention. Noah is the weird one. He is a loner and sees the world as works of art. He wants to attend a prestigious arts school. He is also questioning his sexuality, which has him worried because he thinks his macho, sports-loving dad won’t understand. An unexpected turn of events throws their world into turmoil. Suddenly, Jude is the loner, trapped in her guilt and grief, while Noah becomes the daring, social butterfly and stops painting. Can a ghost grandma, tortured artist, and British bad boy get the twins back on track with their lives?


Would you go see this film?

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Casting To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

So you just finished reading To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and you’re wondering if there’s going to be a movie version of this adorable book? Well, according to a March 21, 2018, article on Variety.com, Netflix has acquired the rights to Awesomeness Films and Overbrook Entertainment’s film adaptation.

If you want to find out more about the film – like find out who will play Lara Jean and see some pictures from Jenny Han’s day on set – check out my post TATBILB: A Movie Update. If you want to see the dream cast I created in 2015, keep scrolling!

According to a blog post from October 2014 on If List, Jenny Han’s novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has been optioned for film by Overbrook Entertainment. Overbrook Entertainment is Will Smith’s production company. I wonder what drew him and his partner to this novel. It doesn’t seem like a big blockbuster opportunity like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, or even a stand-alone novel like The Fault in Our Stars. What do you think? Would To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before make a great movie?

Lara Jean Song Covey has been in love before…it’s just that none of her crushes have ever known about it – until now. Lara Jean spilled all of her feelings into love letters, sealed them, and hid them in a box. Somehow, those letters get mailed out and Lara Jean has to live with the consequences. When she finds out that one of the boys (who also happens to be her older sister’s ex) has feelings for her, she freaks out and pretends to be in a relationship with another one of her crushes. But Lara Jean is surprised when this fake relationship starts to turn into something more. Will Lara Jean trust in her feelings or let her insecurities get the best of her?

I thought this was a really cute book. It’s like a young adult romantic comedy. Han’s writing style is approachable and believable. You’ll smile as you read this book. When you’re finished reading this book, Lara Jean’s story continues in P.S. I Still Love You. And if you find that you’ve become a fan of Jenny Han’s writing, I’d also recommend the Burn for Burn trilogy, which she co-wrote with Siobhan Vivian.

Here are some of my casting suggestions in case Will needs some help!toalltheboys_dreamcast



Casting The Madman’s Daughter


So truth? I’m not sure I would actually go see the film version of this book because…it’s scary! I’m not into scary movies, and it was a surprise to me that I liked this dark, creepy book. I even liked it enough to read the next two books in the trilogy, too. While the third book would make the most fun movie, the first book really sets the stage for all the strangeness, so let’s start there.

The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd takes the story of H.G. Wells’s Island of Dr. Moreau and imagines what it would be like if the doctor (who experiments with animals so that they are able to walk and talk like humans) had a teenage daughter. This daughter, Juliet, must decide if her father is a genius or a mad scientist who needs to be stopped. Along the way, she is caught in a love triangle between Montgomery, her father’s assistant whom Juliet has loved for many years, and Edward, a mysterious shipwreck survivor she meets on her father’s island. Both Montgomery and Edward have secrets, but so does Juliet. After all, Juliet may have a little madness in her as well.

In book two of the Madman’s Daughter trilogy, Her Dark Curiosity, the author uses some of the same characters to pull readers into the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story. In the third book, A Cold Legacy, Juliet and friends take on a Frankenstein-inspired tale. These dark, gothic reads are revamped for the modern age and are a great way to get young adults interested in classic literature. The writing is clever, fresh, and totally enjoyable.

Clearly, I’m not the only reader who enjoyed these books. The first novel has been optioned for film and has a screenwriter, but so far, that’s all the progress this project has made. Read about it on the author’s blog:

 If they needed a little help casting the film, here are a few of my suggestions: 


Have you read this trilogy yet? Who would you cast in the film version?

Casting Chaos Walking

As is the way with fantastic YA novels, Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking series may be getting the film treatment. According to an article posted in October 2011, Lionsgate acquired the rights for the Chaos Walking trilogy. I hadn’t realized the series was that old! Turns out the first book was published in 2008 and the third book was published in 2010. I can’t believe it took me so long to stumble upon these books. A more recent update (if you can call August 2014 recent! – See newer updates down below) notes that the project will have a new screenplay written by Jamie Linden. Robert Zemeckis will direct (Back to the Future and Forrest Gump are among his notable films). We’ll see if this movie ever comes to fruition. Until then, here are a few casting suggestions I came up with.

chaos_castingAfter reading the novels, who would star in your dream cast?

~ Interested in Chaos Walking? Read about my gushing review of the series here and read about its awesome villain here.

Update on movie news according to IMDB and ComingSoon.net:chaos_update

Daisy Ridley from Star Wars: The Force Awakens will play the lead role in the film. Tom Holland, who we will soon be seeing a lot of based on his IMDB page, will play Todd Hewitt. As I mentioned above, I thought that a movie version would cast both Viola and Todd older than they are in the book – but I’m a bit worried at just how much older these actors are. Ridley is twenty-four years old and Holland is twenty years old. In the book, the characters are only thirteen or fourteen years old. Ridley and Holland are supposed to be love interests in the books, but they don’t look the same age to me in real life. It’s also interesting to note that IMDB lists the title of the movie as Chaos Walking. Does this mean the movie will merge all three books together instead of creating a trilogy of films? Also, I’m realizing now that my casting is super white! I hope the actual movie will be more culturally diverse than what I originally came up with. Because really, if this is in a future when the earth is so troubled that people are being sent to colonize other planets, the people would most likely be quite diverse. (Updated 1/3/17)

Have you read any of Patrick Ness’s books yet? What did you think?

Casting These Broken Stars

Casting_TBStarsThese Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner is a futuristic adventure story complete with romance and fantasy. The novel introduces us to two characters who couldn’t be more different from one another: Tarver Merendson, a young war hero who is known for his bravery and quick-thinking as a soldier, and Lilac LaRoux, the spoiled and jaded daughter of the world’s wealthiest man. These characters are forced to rely on one another when the luxury spaceliner they’re traveling on malfunctions and plunges onto a strange planet. Seemingly the only survivors, Lilac and Tarver trek across the planet in search of rescue.

I kept noticing this book on YA lists and book blogs because of its beautiful cover. I wasn’t drawn to the book blurb at first, but when I spotted it on the shelf at the public library, I couldn’t help but take it home. I ended up enjoying the book much more than I thought I would. I would definitely check out another book by this writing duo.

With the influx of YA to the screen, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this novel has already been optioned for television. For today’s post, I decided to offer up some casting ideas for the novel’s main characters.



Have you read These Broken Stars?  What did you think of the novel?  Who would you cast for a future television adaptation?

Entry #14 – Dream cast:


Entry #14 – Dream cast:  Maybe it’s from a movie that’s already been cast, or it’s one that you wish would be/had been chosen: who embodies your favorite character(s)?

One of my favorite authors this past summer was Kristin Cashore, author of the Young Adult novels Graceling, Bitterblue, and FireBitterblue and Fire are companion books to Graceling, meaning they share a few characters, but they are not a series and do not have to be read in order.  In this way, Cashore has given readers a break from all the trilogies and series, yet sated our appetites for more of the fabulous world she’s created.

As in other Young Adult novels featuring brave female leads with “Ka-” names (Katniss of The Hunger Games and Cassia from Matched), Graceling stars Katsa, a heroine who discovers her life has more meaning than she originally thought.  At first, she believes her special talent, or grace, is her combat kills, which King Randa uses to his advantage.  With the help of some very good friends and a mission to figure out what’s behind all the trouble in the Seven Kingdoms, Katsa learns that there’s a reason behind her special skills.  Along the way, she finds love—but questions the concept of marriage—and encounters plenty of adventure.  A theme apparent through Cashore’s books is that love is love, no matter what form it takes, and that families can come in many shapes and sizes.  This is a lovely message to send young readers.

If you want to find out more about Graceling, as well as Bitterblue and Fire, click here.  There are blurbs about each of the books, as well as excerpts from the first chapter.  I read all three books right in a row and LOVED them.  I even listened to Fire as an audiobook on my kindle fire about a week ago and loved it just as much the second time around. 

Since Young Adult literature has been churning out tons of movie adaptations lately, I’d love to see Graceling on the big screen.  *If I had a hand in helping to cast the film, here’s who I’d pick:

castlist*If you are a hardcore Graceling fan, please take this casting with a grain of salt.  I checked out this book from the library this summer, so I didn’t have references for the characters’ ages or physical descriptions.  I went by feel and overall look, versus staying 100% true to the text—plus there’s always hair dye, right?!