Entry #22 – Favorite Book:

Entry #22 – Favorite book:  I know, I know—how can you pick just one?  But if you had to, what book would be your favorite?

I hinted at this post in Entry #15, and now it’s finally here!  My answer to the question, “What’s your favorite book?” is typically The China Garden by Liz Berry.  I have read the book multiple times, but it had been a while since I last read it.  I decided to re-read it earlier this month to make sure that it still is my favorite book—and to make sure it wasn’t just something I enjoyed as a pre-teen.  I was pleased to discover that I still loved the book.  I still raced through it to uncover the mystery of Ravensmere.  Be aware that this can be a tricky book to get your hands on, as it is no longer in print.  It’s worth the search though!


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